Anje~Anna Haak

At the year one thousand and fifty-two  at the thirteenth day of March shown up for me, member of the town council and Clerk of the Civil Administration of the municipally Stedum, district Appingedam, Province Groningen Hindrik Jans Haak  22 years old, day laborer, living at Stedum who declared that is born at  the 10th day of March 1852 at 11 AM  at Stedum  a female child with the name Ansje from Gurtje Jacobs Drok his housewife, without profession both living at Stedum

This declaration is made in presence of Hindrik Klassens Mekes , 57 years old, without profession and living at Stedum Jurrien Luurts Rensema, 56 years old, rural patrol, living at Stedum.

After reading out, all signed this record.
Marriage to Reinder Rozema
At the year one thousand eight hundred seventy-seven at the twelfth day of the month May are shown up for me, member of the city council and Civil Clerk of the Municipally Stedum, district Appingedam, Province Groningen

Reinder Rozema, 26 years old, farmhand, living at Stedum and born at Huizinge, at age son of Harm Popkes Rozema, day laborer and Diewertje Reinders Dijkema, without profession, living at Huizinge.

And Anje Haak, 25 years old, maid, living and born at Stedum, at age daughter of Hindrik Jans Haak, deceased and Geertje Jacobs Drok, day laborer living at Stedum.

Bride and Groom handed their birth certificates, the death record of the father of the Bride and certificate of the militia from the Groom. Present are the mother of the Bride and the Groom who agreed with this marriage.

 We asked Bride and Groom in public if they are willing to take each other as husband and wife o which they answered with yes.

Bride and Groom are now husband and Wife.

Record is made in presence of Klaas Havinga, 43 years old, baker, Wolter Kuikenda, 25 years old, headmaster of the school, Joost Bruins, 61 years old, woodtrader and ??  Brouwer, 38 year old, innkeeper. All witnesses are living at Stedum.

After reading out this record is signed with exception of the mother of the Groom who declared never learned to write.




Marriage to Robert Bos

*Much Gratitude to Petra Roetman for the Dutch to English translations!