Mayflower Society

I received confirmation of my George Soule lineage today and acceptance into the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. It was a wickedly long and frustrating process, some of what I wrote about in previous blogs.

There are a lot of people that helped along the way searching for documents to prove the connection. I owe them much gratitude. In addition, I owe the Ancestors gratitude. I could feel their help and encouragement from the beyond. This is validation for them, also. I learned a lot about these relatives that came before me. I learned to love and admire them and respect their life choices, some I may not have always agreed with.

Most importantly, this is for my Mom. There are no words to express what is in my heart, other than I love you, Mom. You are a Descendant of George Soule, passenger of the Mayflower and signer of the Mayflower Compact. I am honored to have done this for you and proud your blood DNA flows through me.