Roetman Reunion September 1994


invitation to roetman reunion

roetman reunion2

famiiliefoto Helen Cole 2

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Front row

(1) Hannah and (2) Emily Jager – daughter of Tim Jager – Grandchildren of Sue Ellen Jager

(3) James [10] and (4) Amber [12] Christy – daughter and son of Carol Christy – Grandchildren of Jerri Wardwell

1st row

(5) Jessica Christy [16] daughter of Carol Christy, (6) Lenora Staples, (7) Hellen Cole, (8) Ken Rozema- husband of Mary Ann Roetman, daughter of John Roetman, deceased.


(9) Sue Ellen Jager – daughter of John Roetman

(10) Jerri Cole Wardwell – daughter of Hellen

(11) John Westgate – son of Lenora Staples

(12) Eleanor St. John and (13 Mary Rozema – John Roetman’s daughters

(14) Mary Ellen Kimble Rios and her husband (16) Pedro

(15) Tim Kimble – Mary Ellen and Tim children of Betty Roetman Kimble – John Roetman’s daughter

(17) Alfred Diehl – son of Ernest Diehl

(18) Margaret (Peggy) Brown – daughter of Hellen Cole

Standing in back of Susie

(19) Tim Jager – Son of Sue Ellen

(20) Lou Fisher – husband of Linda Rozema Fisher, daughter of Mary Ann Rozema (She was taking pictures also)

(21) David Wardwell – son of Jerri Wardwell

(22) Julia Wardwell and her fiance (23) Michael

(24) Mary Wardwell An_ ? and husband (25) Tom

(26) Brian Lowrie – son of Charlene Cole Lowrie

(27 Carol Wardwell Christy –

(28) Robin Wardwell and (29) friend Jan Fiedler

(30) Peter Wardwell – standing on rock

Robbie Wardwell – twin to Robin, was the only child of Jerri unable to attend. He lives in Denver.

roetman reunion

roetman reunion3

roetman reunion4

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roetman reunion5

roetman reunion6

roetman reunion7

Right side of table: Ken Rozema, Mary Rozema, Linda Fisher, ___, ____
Left side of table: Mark Fisher, Lou Fisher, ___

roetman reunion8

Hellen Louise Roetman French Cole

roetman reunion27

Hellen Louise Roetman French Cole

roetman reunion11

roetman reunion19

roetman reunion12

Tim Kimble

roetman reunion13

roetman reunion15

____, Al Diehl, Mary Rozema

roetman reunion21

roetman reunion22

Lenora & Hellen Louise (Sue Jager standing)

roetman reunion24

roetman reunion26

Al Diehl

roetman reunion28

Tim Kimble (background), _____ (taking picture),
Hannah Jager, Will Jager, Conor Jager, Julie Jager, Sue Jager

roetman reunion a

Right side of table: Ken Rozema, Mary Rozema, Eleanor St. John,  ___, ____
Left side of table: Mark Fisher, Lou Fisher, Lori Fisher, Dan Dykstra

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roetman reunion c

roetman reunion d

roetman reunion e

Tim Kimble, Mary Rozema, Eleanor St. John

roetman reunion f

roetman reunion g

roetman reunion h

roetman reunion i

roetman reunion j

________ & Lou Fisher

roetman reunion k

roetman reunion ken rozema_hellen louise

Ken Rozema & Hellen Louise

roetman reunion tim kimble

Tim Kimble