Apsey Photos

hattie apsey_sue apsey

Sue and Hattie Apsey

hattie apsey1000

Hattie Apesy

sue_hattie apseya

Hattie and Sue

apsey girls

The Apsey Sisters

apsey school picture
School Pictures… Hattie is standing in front of the tree with white on her hat
apsey school picture2
School Pictures… Hattie in back with white, frilly hat
apsey school picture3
School Pictures… picture tear running through Hattie… sorry
pos. apsey girls
Hattie holding basket

pos. apsey girls2

pos. apsey girls3

school beach2
Hattie Apsey 16 yrs, Bernice Bigelow 16 yrs, Agnes P? 13 years
school beach3
Lake Macatawa July 7, 1914
school beach4
Lake Macatawa July 7, 1914 Hattie in middle. Jessie on end.
school beach
Miss Harris 52 yrs. Teacher, Hattie Apsey 16 yrs Scholar, Bernice Bigelow 16 yrs, Agnes 13 yrs, Grace Fuller 14 yrs, Josephine Hurley? 10 yrs, Jessie Apsey 13 yrs, Evelyn Hurley?
This is an interesting photo where the girls’ chaperone was inserted into the photo. Her full body is on the backside.



John Elisha Apsey Sr Lineage