Charlotte Larcombe

was born in the year 1811 and baptized 2/17/1811. Church records show she was born out of wedlock (bbd… base born daughter) to Sarah Larcomb(e) who was age 14. She was a twin.

Charlotte_Elizabeth Larcomb birth 1811
From St. Andrews Chardstock Church baptism records



Her sister Elizabeth did not survive long and was buried 7/21/1811.

death elizabeth larcombe 1811
From St. Andrews Chardstock Church burial records

Court records show the father of the twin girls to be James Stevens.

source page 15/19

charlotte larcombe father

Charlotte’s mother, Sarah was born to William and Martha Larcombe. She was baptized 3/12/1797

sarah larcomb birth 1797
From St. Andrews Chardstock Church baptism records

and buried 10/3/1816 at the young age of 20, leaving Charlotte an orphan at the age of 5.

death sarah larcombe 1816
From St. Andrews Chardstock Church burial records

It is interesting to note, that Sarah Larcombe and Charlotte’s future husband, Malachi were born within a month of each other and probably knew each other.




The above records are a classic example of why when researching genealogy one should check and double check for accuracy.  Two of these documents state that Sarah was buried 10 (October) 1816. The third states burial in November.  In light that there are several documents that show Sarah buried in October, we must conclude that the November one is a mistake.

photo taken 7-13-2018 ~ Susan Straw
Photo taken 8-16-2017 ~ Susan Straw

Charlotte is buried next to Malachi in Summit Cemetery
Williamston, Ingham County, Michigan, USA