Ernest (Roetman) Diehl

0was born  July 14, 1906 ‘Ernest Leonard Roetman’ in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Leonard and Sarah Volk Roetman.  He was adopted by Ross and Mary (Diehl) Diehl. (They were cousins who had no children.) His name was changed to Ernest Paul Diehl, as he did not want to be associated with the name Leonard.  The Diehls lived on a farm in Allegan, MI, and they traveled a great deal.  Upon manhood, Ernest moved to PA to help his uncle in the coal business, later buying his uncle’s house and business in Claysburg, PA.
He married Margaret Isabel Brightbill  on February 14, 1935. They operated the business in Claysburg until retirement. * information from Janet Diehl Sollenberger

Ernie died  February 16, 1988 and is interred Alto-Reste Park.

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uncle ernie's in claysburg pa

The Diehl’s Homestead. Claysburg, PA

after the flood claysburg PA 3_17_1936

After the flood.  Claysburg, PA  March 17, 1936

ernest diehl

Ernest Diehl

ernies coal yard 1943


Mrs. and Mr. Diehl, Ernie center

uncle ernie_mr.Diehl

Mr. Diehl & Ernie

hattie_mr. diehl_uncle ernie_betty

Ernie, Mr. Diehl, Hattie, Betty

Uncle Herm_Janet_Alfred Deihl developed july 1963

Uncle Herm, Janet, and Alfred.  circa 1963


ernie and isabel

ernie deihl christmas 1987

ernie_isabel_Deihl 12_1987

Ernie and Isabel Diehl  Christmas 1987



Janet Diehl, Susie Roetman, Cheri


Susie Roetman and Cheri


Janet, Alfred, Susie Roetman


Hattie Roetman, Alfred, Isabel

uk762 - Copy

Ernie and brother John

20150922_111028-1 - Copy

Ernie Diehl Family


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20150922_110859-1 - Copy

20150922_110950-1 - Copy

20150922_110926-1 - Copy

 20150922_110940-1 - Copy

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