Friends of John and Hattie Apsey Roetman


I have found numerous pictures of John and/or Hattie taken with friends over the years.  Many of the friends can also be seen in other pictures throughout this website.


george gerling_helen
George Geerling and Helen Nehmer

John Roetman and George Geerling served together in WWI. Helen and George married after the war.

hattie apsey_helen church
taken March 23, 1919

The back of this photo reads… “Susie . Helen Nemer + me taken at the Lake Drive Baptist Church, she came to go to church with me. She came from your house. Think you lived on Carlton Ave then. Look our hats are alike and look at the date this picture was taken. Helen was a friend of your mom and dads. Look we have high shoes on.”

I don’t know who actually wrote on the back of this photo or who ‘Susie’ is. The girl with the fox collar may actually be one of Hattie’s sister.

hattie apsey_helen

Hattie and Helen Nehmer

mabel webster _helen
Mabel Webster and Helen
hattie apsey_mabel webster july 5 1918
Mabel Webster and Hattie

John Roetman and Ralph (Red) Webster served together in WWI. Red was married to Mabel (Lockwood) Webster. These pictures were taken July 5, 1918 in Chattanooga TN when the ladies visited their soldiers before they shipped overseas.

John Roetman_Elmer Short Daytona Beach

John Roetman_Elmer Short

John Roetman and Elmer Short served together in WWI. They were long-time friends afterward and took many vacations together. They even jointly owned a summer cottage.

roetmans and shorts in texas
Roetmans and Shorts in Texas
Bernice E Bigelow age 15 June 19 1913
Bernice E Bigelow taken June 19, 1913  age 13

Bernice Bigelow

Bernice E. Bigelow was Hattie’s childhood best friend. There are many pictures of the two of them together that are located on other pages.

Hattie Apsey_Mary Painter
Hattie Apsey and Mary Painter

hattie apsey and friend2

These 2 pictures are Hattie Apsey and I think Helen Nehmer.

hattie apsey and friend3