Hendrik Haak

At the year one thousand eight hundred  and twenty-nine at the eleventh day of September shown up for me, Franses Plaat, Clerk of the Civil Administration of the municipally Middelstum , district Appingedam, Province Groningen Jan Pieter Haak  41 years old, corn skipper , living at Middelstum who declared that is born at  the 10th day of September 1829  at 1 AM  at Middelstum, house nr 121,  a male child with the name Hindrik from Hendrikje Lens Bierma his housewife, without profession both living at Stedum

This declaration is made in presence of Jaob Hombres Kuiper, 32 years old, lime burner an Jan Luinge, 61 years old, rural constable both living at Middelstum.

After reading out, all signed this record.
At the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six at the third day of the month January shown up for me mayor and Clerk of the Civil administration of the municipally Stedum, district Appingedam, province Groningen Jacob Doorenbos, seventy years old, rentier, living at Stedum neighbor of the deceased and Hebe Ettema, eighty-seven years old, day laborer, living at Stedum, neighbor of the deceased who declared that at the sixth day of January 1876 at 7 AM at Stedum Hendrik Haak, 47 years old, day laborer and husband of Geertje Drok, without profession and living at Stedum passed away. Son of Jan Haak and Hendrikje Bierma ,  both deceased. After reading out the record is signed by the Mayor and the two witnesses.
At the 26th day of September 1851 shown up for me Mayor and Clerk of the Civil administration of the Municipally Middelstum, District Appingedam, Province Groningen Hendrik Haak, 23 years old, farmhand, born at Middelstum, living at Toornwerd ( part of the municipally Middelstum) underage son of the late Jan Pieters Haak and Hendrikje Lents Burma, died and deceased at Middelstum, living at Middelstum.

And Geertje Drok, 25 years old, peasant girl, born at Middelstum, municipally Ten Boer and living at Middelstum. At age daughter of Jacob Jans Drok and Anje Hindriks Bieleveld, day laborers and living at Stedum.

The proclamations of this marriage were hold at  Sunday 6 and 14 of this month. The  bride and groom handed their birth certificates,

The death records of the parents and grandparents from father’s side and mothers side of the groom.

Present are the Groom’s guardian Kornelis van der Molen, farmer at Toornwerd and co-guardian  Derk Haak, day laborer  living at Middelsturm and the parents of the bride who all declared not have any objections against this marriage.

We asked in public if the bride and groom are willing to take each other as husband and wife which they answered with yes.

We declared that the Bride and Groom are now husband and Wife in presence of the witnesses Jam harms Merlag, 64 years old, inn-keeper, Fredrik Willem Simmen, 44 years old, profession unreadable, Bron Talens, 28 years old, merchandiser. All are living at Middelstum and not related to Bride or Groom.

After reading out, all signed the record.


*Much Gratitude to Petra Roetman for the Dutch to English translations!