Hinderkje Haak

At the year one thousand and fifty-five at the sixteenth day of June shown up for me, city counselor  and Clerk of the Civil Administration of the municipally Stedum, district Appingedam, Province Groningen Hindrik Jans Haak  25 years old, day laborer, living at Stedum who declared that is born at  the 13th day of June 1855 at 6 PM  at Stedum  a female child with the name Hindrikje from Gurtje Jacobs Drok his housewife, without profession both living at Stedum

This declaration is made in presence of Hindrik Willems Kraaijema, 62 years old, day laborer and living at Stedum and Lukas Johannes Wessels, 36 years old, teacher living at Stedum.

After reading out, all signed this record.
The City counselor of Stedum, district and province Groningen received at the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty, at the twenty-seventh of the month May an extract of a death record from the municipally ( city) Groningen written on the twenty-fifth day of the month May made by the Civil Clerk of the municipally Groningen certifying the death on April twenty-second of the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty at the municipally Groningen of Hiltje Haak, maid, born living at Stedum, daughter of the late Hindrik Haak, laborer and Geertje Drol, without profession living at Stedum.

This record is signed by the City Counselor.

*Hiltje died at the city Groningen. Her death is filed at Groningen. The copy of the record was sent to the municipally she is registered, Stedum. Stedum made also a death record. This is the normal procedure when someone died outside his “own” city or village.

*Much Gratitude to Petra Roetman for the Dutch to English translations!