Joane Knight

married Samuel Apsey the Elder in 1739 in Membury.  Membury is in close proximity to Chardstock, but in a different church parish and therefore, records would be recorded at the Membury church.  It was common (as even now) for women to be married at their home church and then move to the home of their husband.

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage4

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage2

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage3

Joan(e) Knight is not listed in the St. Andrews Chardstock records.  Based on her marriage location, I looked for her in Membury and found this document.

joane Knight birth

Following this same thought, I searched for a burial of Joan Apsey in Membury.  I found a burial for Joan Apsey buried in Membury in 1771.  I believe this to be our Ancestor.

joan apsey death 1771

Joan Apsey death