Lina Werkman


Birth record ne 55
At the year 1840, the 28th day of September shown up for me, Mayor and clerk of the civil administration of the municipally Uithuizen, community Appingendam, province Groningen, Reinder Harms Werkman, 31 years old, daylaborer, living at Uithuizen. He declared that at the 27th of the month September 1840 is born at Uithuizen, at 1 PM a female child from his wedded wife Frouke Klazens Knol to who he gives the name Lina.




Marriage record nr 19.

At the year 1863, the 21st day of November are shown up for me at the Town Hall, mayor and clerk of the civil administration of the municipally Uithuizen, community Appingendam, Province Groningen to be wed:

Harmannus Bos, 27 years old, farmhand, living and born at Uithuizen, at age son of the late Harke Klazens Bos and Elisabeth Ennes Swaagman, daylaborer, living at Uithuizen and

Lina Werkman, 23 years old, without profession, living and born at Uithuizen, at age daughter of Reinder Harms Werkman , wheelwright (cartwright) and Frouke Klazens Knol, without profession, husband and wife, living at Uithuizen.

The mother of Hermannus Bos and the parents of Lina Werkman declared that they agree with this wedding.

The bride and groom handed over their birth records and the death record of the father of groom.

Both proclamations took place without any objection at the 8th and 15th November this year.

Bride and groom were asked in public if they take each other to husband and wife and fulfill all the obligations of  legal marriage which they both confirmed with “yes”. Bride and groom are legally married.

In presence of the following witnesses: Roelf Pieters Hoff, 48 years old, rural policeman, Jan Huizinga, 34 years old, innkeeper, Tjeerd Peter Oosterhuis, 29 years old, secretary and Jacob Jacobs, 28 years old, without profession, all living at Uithuizen and no (blood) relatives or in-laws of the bride and groom.

This record is made and signed after reading out, with exception of the parents of the bride and the mother of the groom who declared to be unable to write.

Family story says that Lina died as the result of giving birth.  A baby boy birth was recorded January 12, 1877.  I do not find a death record for either this child, nor Lina.  Presumably, she died in 1877.  Search for records continue.


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