Malachi Apsey

From the Hebrew name מַלְאָכִי (Mal’akhiy) meaning “my messenger” or “my angel”. This is one of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Malachi, which some claim foretells the coming of Christ. In England the name came into use after the Protestant Reformation.

Malachi was born to Samuel and Sarah (Dunster) in 1797.

S&S malachi bapt. 1797
From St. Andrews Chardstock Church baptism records


He married Mary Salter in 1818.

malachi apsey mary salter marriage marriage c

Widowed, Malachi married Charlotte Larcombe in 1831.

malachi charlotte marriage 1831
From St. Andrews Chardstock Church marriage records

marriage d

Malachi died in Michigan, June 4, 1883.

malachi apsey death record

Photo taken 8-16-2017 ~ Susan Straw

Inscription at bottom reads…
“Sleep on dear husband and take thy rest. God called thee home and thought it best.”

Photo taken 8-16-2017 ~ Susan Straw

Malachi is buried in Summit Cemetery
Williamston, Ingham County, Michigan, USA