Neeltje Roetman

was born to Jan and Neeltje (Leentje) Roetman.

Nr 140
 At the year one thousand eight hundred thirty-eight, the eleventh day of the month October  is shown up for us Kornelsi Boogaart, civil clerk of the municipally Oud-Beijerland: Jan Roetman, forty years old, laborer, living at Oud Beijerland who declared that is born from his house wife Neeltje (sic) Bakker , thirty-nine years old has given birth at the tenth day of the month October at 9 PM  a female child who will be named Neeltje.
 This declaration is made in presence of ... van Krugt, forty years old, baker and Jan van ....? twenty-three, laborer, both living at Oud Beijerland. After reading out all signed the record except the second witness who declared that he is not able to write.
Marriage to Willem Missel

*This Ancestral contribution to the lineage is the work of Petra Roetman.