Poor Law Union 1839 Mar 15

15 Mar 1839

Folios 57-61. Letter from Charles Bond, Clerk to the Guardians of the Axminster Poor Law Union, to the Poor Law Commission.

Enclosed is a list of able-bodied men and their families in receipt of outdoor relief with observations by S H Haskell and Joseph Edwards, Relieving Officers.

The tables show the names, ages, ages of wives, numbers of children, ages of children, weekly earnings, nature of relief and remarks for paupers.

For the north district of Axminster Union: [Eli Enticot]. Samuel Braddick. James Miller. [Giles -arnham]. Bartholomew Newberry. John Henley. John Bazely. [John Coombs]. John Goff. James Goff. Samuel Summerhayes. Philip Cooper. [Robert Boyland]. [William Simond]. Thomas Bromfield. Jacob Beer. Malachi Bond. Charles Collins. Thomas Harris. Robert Somers. John Long. William Gill. Charles Chick. Malachi Apsey. Francis Denning. John Hunt. Samuel Penny. James Seager. John Turner. John Hounsell. James Pearce. James Dimond. John Bowditch. William Davey. Robert Powell. John Stoodley. George Collier. James Stokes. Robert Huddy. Joseph Staunton. William Wellman. James Pidgeon. Samuel Trenchard. John Wellman. John Ebden. John Mutter. Henry Broughton.

Southern District For Colyton: Samuel Agland. David Crabb. John Carter. James Groom. James Fowler. John Long [1st]. John Long [2nd]. John Newton. [Thomas Lund]. [James Turl].

For Seaton and Beer: John Agland. James Abbott. [James Barleigh]. John Bacon. Robert Driver. Isaac Lane. [Daniel Searle]. [Richard Stokes]. John Small. [Robert Staward].

For Axmouth: Josh Rennie [William Puicke].

For Combpyne: [William Gear]. Robert Collins [Thomas Lampone].

For Musbury: Robert Hoare. William Laud. Thomas Quicke.

For Shute: David Browning. William Coveridge. [William Moss]. Thomas Holway. [William Shrague]. [Roger Sparkes]. [Jonah —–].

Annotated: by W J G [William Gilbert, Assistant Poor Law Commissioner], that ‘Against all the powers of persuasion I possess, the Guardians still persist in granting out relief’.  The master and matron are inefficient. A decision by the guardians to remove the master and matron has been revoked. Gilbert has no faith in the workhouse reaching the required standard while they remain in post.

Poor Law Union Number 76. Counties: Devon and Dorset.