Poor Law Union 1841


Folios 565-566. Letter from Petitioners, [ington], consisting of guardians, churchwardens, overseers of the poor and respectable inhabitants of the Wilford district of the Basford Poor Law Union to the Poor Law Commission making the following points:

They are surprised to hear of the surgeon, Mr Smellie’s dismissal when he had been properly elected. The poor had every confidence in Smellie. Smellie’s successor lives in Nottingham as he is also surgeon to the Radford district as well as the Wilford district. This non-residence, apart from the villages near to Nottingham, will not serve the mass of the population of the Wilford district.

They request that Smellie’s election as surgeon to Wilford district be sanctioned by the Poor Law Commission.

The signatures and parishes are:

Barton: John Wright, Guardian; [Robert Strenson], Church Warden Thrumpton: Edward Massy, Guardian. Gotham: William Cliff, Guardian; William Staton, Overseer; Richard Walker, Guardian; J Bradmore. Wilford: John Holbrook, Guardian; Richard Abbott, Assistant Overseer; William and Abraham Pyatt, Churchwardens. Further signatures: Thomas Wright, Guardian; John Put, Churchwarden; John Newton, Overseer; Joseph Marshall, Overseer; John Savidge, Farmer; John Marshall, Farmer; John Shepperson, Farmer; John Harwood, Guardian, Bu [Basford Poor Law Union], Ruddington; Robert Sutton, Richard Burrows both Overseers; William Widdowson; Henry Clifton; William Oliver; [H Busoon]; Thomas Cripwell.

Note at end stating that Smellie, Surgeon for the Loyal Crown Lodge of Ruddington has always given satisfaction.

Presenting officers: John Parker, Joseph Widdowson and William Price.

Annotated: former papers.

Further annotation states: [Bide] direction on 10480/B/1841 and send a similar reply to this memorial.

Paper Number: 10480/B/1841. Poor Law Union Number 334. Counties: Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire