Poor Law Union 1848 Jan 10

10 Jan 1848

Folio 310. Draft letter from the Poor Law Board, to Charles Bond, Clerk to the Guardians of the Axminster Poor Law Union, acknowledging his letter of 26 December stating the nature of the relief to be given to William Froom and William White.

The Board sanction the outdoor relief proposed to be given to Froom, Eli Enticott and White. However, the Board draw the attention of the guardians to the increased expenditure of the union referred to in the last auditor’s report. Instead of granting clothing or other out relief in aid of wages it is recommended that in exceptional cases a child of a large family should be taken into the workhouse and the workhouse should be used more generally for the relief of able bodied applicants.

Paper Number: 19310/A/1847. Poor Law Union Number 76. Counties: Devon and Dorset.