Rachel Soules

was born February 26, 1808** to Howland and Mary Soules.  She married Alpheus Corman.  After his death, she married Joseph Penfold.

1851; Census Place: Saltfleet, Wentworth County, Canada West (Ontario); Schedule: A; Roll: C_11758; Page: 79; Line: 9 ~ click image to enlarge

The 1851 census lists Alpheus Corman (age 48), Rachel Corman (age 44), Mary Corman (age 21), Dezier Corman (age 19), Elizabeth Corman (age 16), Susan Corman (age 11), Jane Corman (age 9), Howland Corman (age 6), Tunis Corman (age 2), Alpheus Adair Corman (age 1).

1871; Census Place: Saltfleet, Wentworth South, Ontario; Roll: C-9923; Page: 46; Family No: 175 ~ click image to enlarge

The 1871 census lists Joseph Penfold (age 50), Rachel Penfold (age 63), Tunis Corman (Rachel’s son from Alpheus, age 22), and Clarisa Corman (Dezier Corman’s daughter and Rachel’s granddaughter, age 18)

1881; Census Place: Saltfleet, Wentworth South, Ontario; Roll: C_13255; Page: 49; Family No: 236 ~ click image to enlarge

In 1881, Rachel (age 73) was living with her daughter, Dezier Gower.

Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Series: MS935; Reel: 56 ~ click image to enlarge
Photo taken by LMK of Find a Grave


In memory of
Rachel Soules
wife of
Joseph Penfold
& relict of the late
Alphues Corman
Died June 24 1889
In the 82nd year
of her age
Jesus has called the mother home
Her flesh lies mouldering in the tomb
God grant her offspring may be blest
And meet her in eternal rest.

Rachel is buried in Stoney Creek Cemetery
Stoney Creek, Hamilton Municipality, Ontario, Canada


**A birth record for Rachel Soules has not been found yet. I determined her year of birth to be 1808 by the following factors.
Rachel’s brother, Jeremiah, was born July 27 1806, based on the inscription on his gravestone and his death record. In order for Rachel to be born February 26, 1807 (as many online lineages indicate), her mother would have had to become pregnant almost immediately after giving birth to Jeremiah and given birth to Rachel 2 months premature. Therefore, it is my conclusion that the year of 1807 is incorrect.
The Canadian censuses of 1851, 1871, and 1881 give a better clue on Rachel’s year of birth.
The 1851 census for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia was completed in 1851, but Canada West and Canada East did not start their collection of data until the following year. Therefore, for Canada West and Canada East, what is known as the Census of 1851 officially began on January 12, 1852. The census inquires the age at the NEXT birthday. Rachel gives this information herself (as indicated by the X next to her name) as 44. Depending on when the census was taken (before or after her birthday in February), her year of birth would calculate to 1808-1809.
The 1871 Census officially began April 2, 1871. It asked for current age. Rachel’s age is given as 63. She had already had her birthday, so year of birth calculates to 1808.
The 1881 Census officially began April 4, 1881. It again, asked for current age. Rachel’s age is given as 73, which would calculate year of birth to be 1808.
Rachel’s age at death, subtracted from the year of death, calculates her year of birth as 1807. Her gravestone inscription is the same as her death record. This is second-hand information and is not necessarily accurate.