Remge Bos ~ Robert Bush

At the year one thousand and forty-three at the thirty-first day of October shown up for me, Mayor and Clerk of the Civil Administration of the municipally Uithuizen, district Appingedam, Province Groningen Willem Jans Bos 46 years old, day laborer, living at Uithuizen who declared that is born at the 29th day of October 1843 at 7 AM ,at Uithuizen a male child with the name Remge from Trientje Remges Bazuin his housewife, without profession both living at Uithuizen.

This declaration is made in presence of Hendrik Jacobs Smit, 52 years old, butcher and living at Uithuizenand Harmannus Hendrikus Schreuder, 46 years old, day laborer, living at Uithuizen.

After reading out, all signed this record.


1880 Census residing in Chicago with his brother, John.  Census taken June 4. Note the names of Robert’s son and daughter from 1st marriage.  It is probable that the informant of this census was John’s son, explaining the notation of Robert as ‘Uncle’ and the children as ‘cousin’.
1880 census in Wyoming, Michigan taken June 19.  Robert is now staying with his brother, Sikke.  Daughter is missing, presumably staying with relatives in Chicago.


death certificate

In my attempt to connect this Bos/Bush line to mine, I had to follow Remge’s lineage.  I still have not found a DNA connection, but I hope my research is useful to anyone looking.

Willem Jans Bos
b. 1799 · Vlaardingen/Ambacht,ZH,NLD
d. 1848 · Uithuizen, Groningen, Netherlands

Trijntje Remges Bazuin
b. 1805 · Uithuizen, Groningen, Netherlands
d. 1867 · Uithuizen, Groningen, Netherlands

Jan Bos (John)
b. July 3, 1831 · Netherlands
married May 28, 1859 · Netherlands
Anne Zuidema
b. Netherlands

William Bos
b. ca 1858 · Netherlands

Trijntje Bos
b. December 21, 1859 · Netherlands

Sikke Bos
b. August 8, 1832 · Netherlands
d. April 25, 1915 · Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hendrik Willems Bos
b. December 1, 1834 · Netherlands
d. May 28, 1835 · 6 months · Netherlands

Aaltje Bos
b. April 25, 1835 · Netherlands

Geertje Bos
b. October 2, 1837 · Netherlands

Hendrik (Henry) Bos
b. November 11, 1839 · Netherlands
d. January 20, 1922 · Fulton, Whiteside, Illinois

Remge Willems Bos
b. March 15, 1841 · Netherlands
d. March 21, 1843 · 2 years · Netherlands

Cornelia Willems Bos
b. May 31, 1842 · Netherlands
d. June 6, 1842 · 7 days · Netherlands

Remge Bos/Robert Bush
b. October 29, 1843 · Netherlands
d. April 10, 1900 · Cascade, Michigan

Trientje Bos
b. February 21, 1846 · Netherlands


*Much Gratitude to Petra Roetman for the Dutch to English translations!