Samuel Apsey the Elder

was  the son of Thomas Apsey.  We know this  because of three known documents…  The TRANSCRIPT OF THE LAST WILL OF THOMAS APSEY,  the TRANSCRIPT OF THE LAST WILL OF SAMUEL APSEY OF THE PARISH OF CHARDSTOCK, and PROBATE OF SAMUEL APSEY.  It is still unknown when Samuel was born exactly.

Samuel_Apsey will

The will was written November 11, 1797, at which time Samuel states he is ill but of sound mind, memory, and understanding.  The Probate of Samuel Apsey was executed on May 9, 1799.

Samuel Apsey was buried in the cemetery at St. Andrews Church in Chardstock on March 22, 1799.

Samuel married Anstis Parrish in 1736.

samuel anstis apsey marriage 5.6.1736
From St. Andrews Church Chardstock Marriage Records

Samuel_Apsey Anstis_Parris marriage2

Samuel_Apsey Anstis_Parris marriage

Samuel married Joan(e) Knight  in Membury in the year of 1739.

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage4

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage2

Samuel_Apsey Joan_Knight marriage3