Alvin Apsey

was born to John and Susan Apsey.


Born August 30, 1872


Alvin is listed in the 1930 census, but not listed in the 1940 census. It has been assumed that he died between 1930 and 1940.  The Family Bible shows date of death as October 6, 1963.  I cannot find any documents to verify this.

Alvin was still alive January 25, 1939, as reported in the Lansing State Journal.

.pdf of source


Grand Rapids and Kent County, Michigan : historical account of their progress from first settlement to the present time ~ Ernest B. Fisher, Author/Editor.
2 volumes  Page 25 & Page 26
Published: Chicago: Robert O Law Company, 1918

* some information contained in this article needs to be vetted and may not be accurate, specifically the part of Alvin’s father, John Apsey immigrating to the United States at the age of 16.  He immigrated to Canada, married Susan Corman, and had 4 children before coming to the United States.