Anna Louisa Volk

was born to Herman and Emelie Erichson Volk.

Anna’s emigration record says that her age in 1857 was 7, making her year of birth 1849/1850.


Anna married William Munch in 1874.  (Last name in record is misspelled).  Notice her age given is 22, making the year of her birth circa 1852.


Anna Louisa Volk Marriage

Annie died on January 25, 1990.  Her age given on the death certificate was 38, making her year of birth circa 1852.  The cause of death was blood poisoning following a delivery of a stillborn Baby Boy.

Anna Munck death record
Woodmere Cemetery plot of Muncks.

Anna’s age in the 1870 census is listed as 18, making her year of birth circa 1852.  Without an actual birth/christening record, it will be impossible to tell what her correct year of birth is, but I am inclined to think that the transcription of the emigration was incorrect and her birth year is circa 1852.


Herman Theodore Volk Sr. Lineage