Charlotte & Malachi Apsey Gravestones

Before we headed back home from our recent trip to the Midwest, we stopped in Williamston, Michigan to visit the graves of Apsey family and visit with cousin Janine Dermody and her SO, Larry Joseph. It is through their efforts that Charlotte Apsey’s gravestone was found… right next to Malachi’s.

Malachi’s stone was in desperate need of cleaning. Both stones are under the shade of a pine tree and the acidic nature of the tree had darkened the stone over the years. It also had a good layer of algae and moss growing on it. Charlotte’s stone was in better condition. The stone is a different composition than Malachi’s (appears to be harder and less porous) and only needed minor cleaning.

Malachi Apsey stone before cleaning

The cleaning began by wetting the stone with water, then applying D/2 Biological Solution. The result could be seen immediately.

Malachi Apsey stone 1st spray

We repeated the process a few times, went to lunch and came back to see even more improvement. Our time was limited that day, but I am told the D/2 Biological Solution will continue to work over a period of time and the stone will be even better the next time we visit.

Malachi Apsey stone after treatment

It is interesting to note the spelling of Malachi’s name after the stone was cleaned. It can clearly be seen as MALCHI APSEY. I wonder if this is how family pronounced it, slurring syllables.

The inscription at the bottom of Malachi’s stone reads…

“Sleep on dear husband and take thy rest. God called thee home and thought it best.”

Charlotte and Malachi Apsey gravestones