Marie Volk

is possibly the daughter of Hermann and Emilie Erichson Volk.  The only evidence of Marie [at this time] is her emmigration paper indicating that she is the child of Emilie.  Her indicated date of birth is 1843… three years prior to the marriage of Hermann and Emilie.  In some countries in the past (such as Germany), the man had to have a job & prove he could he could support a family before being allowed to get married, but that did not prevent children from being born.   Marie may have been born to Emilie prior to the marriage.  She may or may not be Hermann’s biological daughter.  In Volk Ancestry, an Ancestor writes that Hermann and Emilie were married in 1843.  Might they have been ‘married’ as in living together in 1843, but then legally married in the eyes of the church in 1846?


The same Volk Ancestry written by an Ancestor, says Hermann had a sister named Anna Marie.  The year of birth is the same.  Is this ‘daughter’ actually Hermann’s sister?  Until actual birth records are found, the questions remain.

I found records for an Anna Marie Volk was born in 1843 in Prussia.  She married William Schnyder,  March 14, 1866 in Detroit, Michigan.

anna-marie-sophia-volk_marriage anna-marie-sophie-volk_marriage

In the records of later years, Marie Americanizes her name to Mary.  The last name spelling varies from Schnyder, Schneider, and Snyder.

1870 census of William and Marie Schneider
Birth record for unnamed child in the 1870 census


Herman Theodore Volk Sr Lineage