Family Recipes

Food… it has the power to bring up strong memories… both good and bad. After getting sick on Beef Stroganoff  while pregnant, my mom couldn’t stand cooked sour cream for the rest of her life. She loved milk toast, especially when she wasn’t feeling well. It made her feel better. It must have been something that Grandma did, because I hear similar comments from the Cousins. The thought of eating milk toast makes me gag. I guess I don’t have warm, fuzzy memories of it.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays, picnics, and family reunions all centered around food, and LOTS of it. All of our Ancestors ate foods that they loved. Recipes were passed down from generation to generation. Some have little added notes on the recipe card. My mom made a particular cookie every year at Christmas because her notation said they were my favorite. They weren’t, but I gave up trying to convince her otherwise. I can’t remember the cookie, but I remember her love of me through cooking [what she thought] was my favorite.

Cousin John Baugh suggested a family recipe page on the website to share the ones we find in our mothers’ recipe boxes. I think it is a fabulous idea. Even better if we could have a scanned copy or photo of the original, handwritten one. There is something about seeing the Ancestor’s handwriting that adds to the memories. I will also transcribe them into something easily readable.

You can contact me through the form below if you have recipes to share.

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