John George & Sarah Corman

This information is given for those who are doing Apsey Genealogy and tracing their lineage through the Corman family of Saltfleet/Hamilton Canada.  I will be doing that line in the future, but wanted to get this info out now.

John_George and Sarah_Corman

This picture is floating around claiming to be John George and Sarah (Harrison) Corman.  John George died in 1804. The first photographic prints were made in 1839… thirty five years after John’s death.  Therefore, this cannot be John George and Sarah Corman.

The photo could be someone in the Corman lineage… maybe someone named John who married Sarah… but definately NOT the John George Corman (b. 1732- d. 1804) and Sarah Harrison Corman (b. ca 1738 – d. ?) people are claiming.