A little explanation about the website…

I am setting it up with a lineage page of the entire family grouping. From there are links to individual family pages and then persons within the family. There is a main menu page to help navigate the site. I will identify those pages that are new or have been updated. I hope at sometime in the future to have an index page to make searching for someone specific easier.

The information that I have is easily found on the internet by anyone knowing how to look for it. Most of it is for people already deceased. I do have information of the still living, but again, only what can be obtained by searching the internet. I will NOT put private information on the website. If you or your family would like to add information such as birthdates, marriages, anniversaries, etc., I will be more than happy to as long as I have permission. Please be cautious of putting [living] young children’s information on the internet. I can put their names within a lineage, but I don’t feel comfortable adding their personal statistics. We can leave that for the next generation.

Your family page can be whatever you want it to be. If you have pictures and especially stories, I would love to include them. Send them to me at AncestorSpeak@gmail (dot) com. Please put ‘Apsey’ or ‘Roetman’ in the subject line. You know the drill… replace the (dot) with a real one . The Spammers are brutal. I will confirm that I have received your email so you know that it went to the right place.

Its all coming together… albeit, slowly. I think I am past my learning curve of how to manuever WordPress. Its now just putting together all the information that I have and filling in some missing blanks. And please remember… this is a continual work in progress.