John Dupree

I have come to the end of research for John and Cornelia Dupree. John was the younger brother of our Great, Great Grandmother, Trijntje Dupree Roetman and helped raise the orphan Roetman children along with his brother, Gerrit. John died without leaving a will. There were no children. As with his brother, this line ends.

John Dupree was a well known, wealthy businessman in the lumber industry and real estate.  But John Dupree had his issues. When one reads the newspaper articles about his escapades, it is difficult to remain without judgement. He was a convicted (and later confessed) child molester. This is a behavior that doesn’t happen suddenly. It is life-long, unless someone goes through an epiphany and transformation. I question if the problems Lena Roetman had were related and that is why Cornelia wanted her gone. What life problems resulted for Lena and are they the reason for her disappearance from the family when she became legally able to be on her own?

Two things are interesting to note… Leonard Roetman is listed in John Dupree’s obituary. Sarah (as Mrs. Leonard Roetman) is listed in Cornelia’s obituary (Leonard having since died). No other Roetmans were mentioned. This would indicate that Leonard and Sarah had a close relationship with John and Cornelia in the latter years, while the other Roetman family members shunned them. Leonard was no stranger to making wrong choices and the resulting consequences. I choose to believe that Leonard and Sarah knew the benefits of Forgiveness.

The Duprees have a monument stone in the Fulton Street Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. John and Cornelia are buried behind the monument, while Cornelia’s brother John Hoogesteeger and his wife are buried in front with the Dupree name showing. I find this unusual, but have no explanation.

Fulton St. Cemetery ~ photo taken April 20, 2017


I pray and ask for healing for the Roetman family and for anyone affected by the actions of John (and Cornelia) Dupree.
Forgiveness transcends time.
Love forgives all.